Staff Training

All of our qualifying staff are specifically trained for each of our clients products and services, by Director and Head of Operations, Brian Statham.

It’s the training of our clients products which sets us aside from our competitors. Our staff are not just telesales agents, but knowledgeable individuals who understand our client’s service offering which is achieved through our detailed and comprehensive training.

Compliance Administrative Reporting Officer

All leads calls are listened to in real-time for quality assurance, by our Compliance Administrative Reporting Officer. Only the leads who answer your questions positively, satisfy your set criteria and agree to receive a call from our clients are passed on to them as qualified.

We have a rigid set of procedures to ensure that we only deliver leads who are genuinely interested in our clients’ products and services.

Our process provides clients with leads who have confirmed that they are genuinely interested in their product and services and want to learn more from their company. The leads we generate are bespoke to each client. (We do NOT cross sell other clients products during our calls)

Lead generation process – Rigorous standards:

  • Only target customers that meet the pre-determined criteria and have opted-in for further communication from our clients’ sales team.
  • All of our qualifying team members are fully trained on every client product (half a day).
  • Only the leads who answer our clients’ questions positively, satisfy your set criteria and agree to receive a call from you or your sales team are passed on to you as qualified.
  • Every single call is listened to by our compliance officer and leads are automatically voided if our standards of lead delivery are not met.


  • All of the data is GDPR compliant verified against the Telephone Preference Service and the Corporate Telephone Preference Service before calls are made and is cleaned to ensure compliance with any relevant regulations.
  • Searchlight Media are registered by the Information Commissioner’s Office (ICO) – Registration number 00041842688